Porto: Day 3

Seems like I’ve lost all my creativity judging by the title of this post 😀 Nevermind, let’s recap my last day in Porto. I took my time and started my day around noon. I felt a bit better than the day before. I wanted to visit Jardins do Palácio de Cristal (Crystal Palace Gardens), the place my couchsurfing host had recommended to me.

On my way to Jardins do Palácio de Cristal

I took a walk there, it’s not far away from the city centre. It’s a very nice place with fountains, peacocks, lots of trees and many places to hide away from the sun especially if you hate hot weather like I do. There’s also this huge ”Porto” sign where you can take pictures. Of course all my selfies are crappy and I was too annoyed to ask someone to take a picture of me with the sign 😀 I sometimes hate travelling alone, I never have any good pictures of myself 😀

This street art completely stole my heart
Still on my way…
I reached my destination

The gardens were nice but I finished my visit earlier so I still had a lot of time before going to the airport. I decided to visit the local beaches. I took the tram number 1 to the end station on the coast. It was the old tram therefore full of tourists (where is the rolleyes smiley when you need one?!). I took a walk along several beaches looking for water as I already had no water left. I remember how awfully hot it was and the cold ocean breeze preventing me from fainting. I finally found a vendor who had water, I took two bottles and went to sit at one of the beaches. I didn’t take a swim as the ocean is too cold for me and I had a sore throat two days before. I didn’t want to risk anything.

Every travellers dream…
Forte de São João Baptista (Fortress)
Forte de São Francisco Xavier – such a cute little fortress

I spent a nice last day in Porto. I had to go the airport in the evening to catch my plane to Madrid. I had the weirdest ”encounter” in the airport bus. I was freezing so I had my parka on and I was wearing tights (I rarely wear dresses without tights, I just feel naked without them). I was dressed in a purple orange combination and there was someone taking pictures/video of me. At least it looked like that. Someone had their phone pointed at me, so as a person naturally avoiding any chance of conflict I was trying to look the other direction and hide behind other people. Maybe I’m being paranoid but seriously who does stuff like that?! I guess I was dressed like a freak or maybe they knew someone who looked exactly like me but still wtf?! I felt pretty uncomfortable :/ Anyway I was feeling horrible on the plane. I even had to buy hot tea and I try to avoid hot drinks on flights unless I’m feeling absolutely awful/super cold. The flight was a nightmare. I didn’t let this sickness ruin all the great time I had in Portugal nor my trip to Madrid.

At least the sunset made up for the sickness


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