My Roman holiday

To be honest I don’t remember much from this holiday and it’s not because it was six years ago 馃榾 I guess the main reason is that I was not planning the itinerary and everything was planned by my friend/boss whose sister was living there at the time. We visited all the famous spots, some only from the outside like Colosseum and Forum Romanum. I had great three extremely hot summer days in Rome. Enjoy the gallery from the Eternal City as I’m lost for words just looking at the pictures 馃檪


The most affordable helicopter ride in your life

Have you ever dreamed about flying in a helicopter? I have and my dream came true 6 years ago. If you visit Faroe Islands don’t miss this chance to make your wish fulfilled. Apart from tranport to and from Faroe Islands, Atlantic Airways offer helicopter rides between the islands. Helicopters serve mainly to inhabitants to get from one island to another therefore the tickets are very cheap. Of course there is a catch to it: you can book only one way ticket on the departure date, no roundtrips on the same day. That’s no problem if you know how to plan your journey 馃榾

T贸rshavn from above

Kirkjub酶ur – The easiest day trip from T贸rshavn

The easiest day trip from T贸rshavn has to be the village of Kirkjub酶ur. One of the free public buses from T贸rshavn goes there. More info about free buses here. The journey takes up to 20 minutes and you can explore this beautiful historical village and enjoy the views over neighbouring islands. Just watch out for the strong wind. It was super windy when I was there but still worth it.

St. Olav’s Church

T贸rshavn – one of the smallest capitals in the world

Small but charming. Another advantage is that you don’t have to spend days just to see half of the sights you wanted, like in the big cities. As you remember from my first post I had to take a taxi from the airport to my hostel. Thank God for that as my hostel was quite far from the bus station and up the hill so I didn’t have to carry my suitcase. I stayed at Hostel Kerjalon which according to Google is no longer opened 馃榾 The hostel was operated by Hotel F酶royar which is next to it and seems to be still in operation. Farther away from the centre but the views compensated for it. You could see the whole of T贸rshavn and the neighbouring island of N贸lsoy. The journey to the centre of town took around 30 minutes by foot.


Faroese Fairytale

When I tell someone one of my favourite holidays was at Faroe Islands people usually don’t know where it is or they are surprised that was my favourite destination. I don’t remember since when I wanted to visit the Faroes but I love some unusual destinations and everything Nordic so it was a perfect combo for me and another dream come true.

Landing at V谩gar Airport

One day trip to Linlithgow from Edinburgh

Me and my friends wanted to go on a day trip from Edinburgh. Apart from Glasgow we also chose Linlithgow. Linlithgow is a town some 30 kms west of Edinburgh so it’s very quick to get there by train. The main attraction is the Linlithgow Palace, once a home of the noble Stuarts and the birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots, now ruined.


Speechless in Scotland

After coming back from Portugal and Madrid I had exactly half a day to pack my things for another adventure. I went to Scotland with my friends for a couple of days. It was my second time in Scotland. It’s one of my favourite countries and always has been. Why do I love it so much? Beautiful nature, old castles, bagpipes, redheads, tartan, the accent…I love the accent, even though it’s hard to understand sometimes 馃榾

Okay, so do you remember how sick I was in Madrid? I was feeling way better at home but the next day I lost my voice 馃槮 We travelled with my friend from Bratislava to Edinburgh via London. We had to wait around 6 hours for our plane at Stansted (another friend joined us there) and I slowly started to lose my voice. This is becoming quite a ritual every summer now when I’m sick :/ I slowly started to lose my voice at the airport so I was trying not to speak very loud or at all. I went to a pharmacy to buy some pills that would help. I don’t really remember when I could properly speak again but I guess on the third day everything was already okay.


One day in Madrid

When looking for the cheapest option how to get home from Portugal I stumbled upon cheap flights via Madrid. I was not planning to stay there at first. Then I decided that it’s a perfect way how to visit Prado museum (I’m a huge fan of art). I wrote about my first day in Madrid already. Now it was time to explore the city with my couhsurfing host.

Plaza de Espa帽a with Torre de Madrid (left), Edificio Espa帽a (right) and Cervantes monument

Unexpected trip to El Escorial

I arrived to Madrid at night and my couchsurfer was so kind to pick me up at the airport. He lived in Las Rozas which is around 20 km away from Madrid. If he hadn’t picked me up I don’t know how else would I have gotten there at night 馃榾 I still remember how sick I felt when I was trying to fall asleep. I had a cold and hoped it would not completely ruin my Madrid trip. It certainly didn’t ruin my first day in Madrid. My host took me to visit El Escorial. I was pleasantly surprised as I had always wanted to visit this monumental palace.

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Porto: Day 3

Seems like I’ve lost all my creativity judging by the title of this post 馃榾 Nevermind, let’s recap my last day in Porto. I took my time and started my day around noon. I felt a bit better than the day before. I wanted to visit Jardins do Pal谩cio de Cristal (Crystal Palace Gardens), the place my couchsurfing host had recommended to me.

On my way to Jardins do Pal谩cio de Cristal