Tórshavn – one of the smallest capitals in the world

Small but charming. Another advantage is that you don’t have to spend days just to see half of the sights you wanted, like in the big cities. As you remember from my first post I had to take a taxi from the airport to my hostel. Thank God for that as my hostel was quite far from the bus station and up the hill so I didn’t have to carry my suitcase. I stayed at Hostel Kerjalon which according to Google is no longer opened 😀 The hostel was operated by Hotel Føroyar which is next to it and seems to be still in operation. Farther away from the centre but the views compensated for it. You could see the whole of Tórshavn and the neighbouring island of Nólsoy. The journey to the centre of town took around 30 minutes by foot.

Hostel Kerjalon
Road to the centre along this stream

One of Tórshavn’s main attractions is the historic location Tinganes. Tinganes is the home for Faroese governement. It is one of the oldest parliamentary meeting places in the world (around year 900). Imagine Vikings meeting there to discuss politics centuries ago and now you can freely roam around. Buildings on Tinganes, which you can admire now, were mostly built in 17th and 18th century. I loved all those colourful wooden houses with grass on roofs.


View over ferry terminal from Tinganes

Another attraction is Havnar Kirkja or Dómkirkjan (Tórshavn Cathedral). It might not look like your typical cathedral we are used to see on the continent but it is the seat of the Faroese Bishop therefore it is a cathedral. The cathedral was built in 1788 and is the second oldest church on the islands. I have a soft spot for religious buildings, I always admire their grandeur and architectures. I especially like huge medieval cathedrals and small gothic churches. Even thought this does not look like the churches I usually like I was impressed. I think the main reason was the blue ceiling. Blue is my favourite colour 😀 Now thinking about it my favourite church is Liverpool Cathedral from 20th century and this is the second one on my list, from 18th century. Hmm, neither one of them is medieval 😀

Close to the ferry terminal is located Skansin (Fort). The fort was built in 1580 to protect the town against pirate raids. One big raid by Scottish pirates was just the year prior. Faroese naval hero and trader Magnus Heinason decided it was about time to protect the town and ordered to build a fortress. This fortress lasted until 1677 when it was destroyed by French pirates. These pirates demanded 100 oxen, 200 sheep, 500 pairs of gloves, 1,200 pairs of stockings and 60 nightshirts in the 12-hour deadline. Obviously their demands were not met. During Second World War the fortress served as a military base for British navy. There are still two British military guns present as well as some Danish cannons. There is also Skansin Lighthouse and the view from the fort over town and to Nólsoy are very nice.


Next attraction I visited was Kongaminnið viewing point. Apart from several sheep and geese there was an obelisk erected to commemorate the visit of Danish king Christian IX in 1874. It was the first ever visit of Faroe Islands by a Danish king. Imagine being a ruler of some faraway land and never even visit it. I know the transportation in 19th century and centuries before that was way more difficult but still….I would be definitely interested how this land looks like if I want to rule over it and the locals to respect me. Not that I want to rule over anything lol. Anyway, this event had one very sad moment. Tórshavn’s mayor died during his welcome speech in front of the king and the whole town. Apparently King Christian IX was so schocked by what happened that he financially supported mayor’s wife for the rest of her life.

Now enjoy some more photos from Thórshavn I took 🙂

Statue in front of a bookshop

I absolutely love this little cute kiosk

Now for some colourful houses. I love how everything is so colourful at Faroe Islands, from the finest shade of green grass to the pretty little houses. That blue one in the middle is my dream house 😀

Look at the flag that is supposed to be Slovak, lol 😀

I cannot even recommend any restaurants to you 😀 I’m a cheap traveller (used to be) and since Faroes are super exprensive I didn’t visit any restaurant except for a fast food stand at the bus terminal. I ate there twice after I returned from my trips and had a burger with some fish unknown to me. It was the cheapest thing I found in town 😀 Well, I wasn’t really looking for anything chepear as this was at a convenient location before I went back to my hostel. I don’t even remember what else I ate there. Maybe I had some stocks from Scotland. I recall I was at the supermarket in SMS shopping centre but I don’t know what I bought there 😀

Beautiful cotton grass on the fields by the hostel where I was staying. I liked to just walk around and enjoy being alone in the nature but still being in the town. I remember singing Slovak and Czech songs when no one could hear me and looking at the charming Tórshavn and Nólsoy 🙂


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