Faroese Fairytale

When I tell someone one of my favourite holidays was at Faroe Islands people usually don’t know where it is or they are surprised that was my favourite destination. I don’t remember since when I wanted to visit the Faroes but I love some unusual destinations and everything Nordic so it was a perfect combo for me and another dream come true.

Landing at Vágar Airport

Faroe Islands are located in the North Atlantic Ocean somewhere between Scotland, Iceland and Norway. They consist of 18 major islands and many mores islets and skerries (rocks coming out of the sea). Faroes are an autonomous region of Denmark. You can get there either by air or by ferry. There is a great guide at official turism site how exactly to get there. I took a flight with Atlantic Airways from Edinburgh. The flight arrived late in the afternoon and there were no more buses to the capital where I was staying. The capital, Tórshavn is located on the island of Streymoy while the airport is at the neighbouring island of Vágar. I had to take a taxi to Tórshavn. It was extremely expensive (as expected in the Nordics lol). It’s possible to rent the taxi even before your arrival. I somehow forgot to do it back in Scotland so I had to pay more money. But oh well, you have to pay a price for your own stupidity 😀

On the way to Tórshavn

The taxi driver was very nice and talked to me a lot about Faroes. I usually don’t like to talk in taxis but this was nice and a way how to learn something new. The route to Tórshavn was scenic. So was the landing and take off on my way back home. To quote other passengers on a plane when landing: ”Holy shit!” The whole country is scenic. Every little corner of the islands is beautiful. The real unspoiled beauty of nature. It trully is the most beautiful country nature wise I’ve ever seen. Well, obviously I love Slovakia’s nature as well but this is something different.

As I was travelling alone and I don’t have a drivers licence I had to rely only on public transportation. Therefore I haven’t seen that much of the islands as I would love to. I wasn’t even a big hiker back then (not that I am now lol) but I was afraid to go on a longer hike alone in the mountains. Especially when the weather in the Faroes is very unstable, you can get all four seasons in one day. I’m still glad I went there and enjoyed every second of my holidays. I was trully amazed by the Faroes. I felt like in a fairytale.

This post is mostly filled with the pictures I took on the way to the second largest city Klaskvík as well as with pictures from the plane. I will add three more posts with the photos from the places I visited.


Taking off
Just wow

I feel like my crappy pictures and videos don’t make justice to Faroe Islands. You can find way better pictures elsewhere but they are mine and I love them. And I love Faroes and I want to go back. No more words needed 😀


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