One day in Madrid

When looking for the cheapest option how to get home from Portugal I stumbled upon cheap flights via Madrid. I was not planning to stay there at first. Then I decided that it’s a perfect way how to visit Prado museum (I’m a huge fan of art). I wrote about my first day in Madrid already. Now it was time to explore the city with my couhsurfing host.

Plaza de España with Torre de Madrid (left), Edificio España (right) and Cervantes monument

Unexpected trip to El Escorial

I arrived to Madrid at night and my couchsurfer was so kind to pick me up at the airport. He lived in Las Rozas which is around 20 km away from Madrid. If he hadn’t picked me up I don’t know how else would I have gotten there at night 😀 I still remember how sick I felt when I was trying to fall asleep. I had a cold and hoped it would not completely ruin my Madrid trip. It certainly didn’t ruin my first day in Madrid. My host took me to visit El Escorial. I was pleasantly surprised as I had always wanted to visit this monumental palace.

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