Day trip to the east of Madeira

As I mentioned in my previous post I had booked a tour with Lido Tours to the east of the island for my second day in Madeira. The highlight of the trip was village Santana and Pico Arieiro (third highest peak on the island). I don’t remember the name of the first stop but here are some pictures 😀

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The hills are alive in Madeira

My next destination in Portugal was Madeira archipelago. I found out that not many people actually realise Madeira is an archipelago. It consist of the main island Madeira, Porto Santo Island and uninhabited Desertas Islands. I visited the largest of the islands Madeira and its capital Funchal. Unfortunately I only had three days to spend on this beautiful island but I decided to take the trip anyway and I don’t regret my decision. I took an Easyjet flight from Lisbon to Funchal. It was a challenge to pack all my things into one suitcase as I always travel with suitcase and backpack full of things but somehow I managed, I’m an expert in packing 😀



Day trip to Sintra, Cabo Da Roca and Cascais

When I was planning my holiday in Portugal I knew I would take a day off from Lisbon and go to Sintra. Sintra is best known for its numerous palaces and castles. It’s been on my list bucket list for quite some time, ever since I saw a picture of the Initiatic well in Quinta da Regaleira many years ago. I decided to combine it with Cabo da Roca (westernmost point of continental Europe) and Cascais as a full day trip.


Town hall in Sintra


Loving Lisbon

It’s really hard to write about a place you visited three years ago. It’s even harder to write when you don’t feel like writing at all. I always have to be in a mood for writing so here I am with my next post after two and a half years of silence. I guess I will keep this post very brief and just fill it with many pictures to compensate for it.

DSCN1244 (1280x960)

The first view on Lisbon (when I walked out of Baixa-Chiado metro station) was this beautiful house.


Haute Couture Fashion Week F/W 2016.2017

In my first post I told you about the fashion week in Milan. Now it’s time to tell you something about my first Haute Couture fashion week in Paris. Unless you are someone famous, rich or work for a magazine it’s practically impossible to get to a regular ready-to-wear fashion show let alone to an haute couture show (haute couture = high fashion, basically the most expensive and exclusive clothes out there). But me and my poseformee team managed to receive some invites and get to some of the shows. This time I was in Paris only with Roxane, it was her last week in France before her return back to China.

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Once upon a time in Fairytale land

In my previous post I was talking about my fashion week trip to Milan. I had arrived to Milan two days before the fashion week started in order to visit the area. I had a whole day just for travelling so I decided to go to Switzerland. Mostly because it’s always been on my “to visit list”, bus tickets were just 8€ one way and I set a goal to visit 5 new countries in 2016 (which I managed btw). I chose Lugano as my destination and took the Flixbus to get there. The journey there was awesome, the bus had wifi on board and I was listening to Arcade Fire and Franz Ferdinand on their radio app or whatever it was. Shortly after I arrived to Lugano I got a very strangely written message from Flixbus telling me I had been withdrawn from my drive due to operational delay. Firstly I was rather angry but then I decided not to spoil my trip so I took a walk along the river to the city centre. When I arrived to the banks of Lake Lugano this beautiful view surprised me. It was quite foggy and it looked like straight out of some magical fairy tale.

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Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016.2017

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be at a fashion week? Not as a model/fashion editor/makeup artist or anyone important enough who attends all the fashion shows but as an amateur model/street style photographer? You probably haven’t because there’s not many people who think about these kinds of things. But if you have, I have perfect news for you! Here’s my very own experience of my 3rd fashion week as amateur model/street style photographer.

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Liu Wen before Prada show surrounded by her chinese fans.