The most affordable helicopter ride in your life

Have you ever dreamed about flying in a helicopter? I have and my dream came true 6 years ago. If you visit Faroe Islands don’t miss this chance to make your wish fulfilled. Apart from tranport to and from Faroe Islands, Atlantic Airways offer helicopter rides between the islands. Helicopters serve mainly to inhabitants to get from one island to another therefore the tickets are very cheap. Of course there is a catch to it: you can book only one way ticket on the departure date, no roundtrips on the same day. That’s no problem if you know how to plan your journey 😀

Tórshavn from above

I chose the helicopter from Tórshavn to village Froðba on the island of Suðuroy. The ticket cost me around 20€ if I remember correctly (I checked the prices and now it’s around 28€ one way). I didn’t want to stay on a different island during the night so I chose this place because there was a ferry to Tórshavn on the same date. So I had around 5 hours to explore the area.

On the way to Suðuroy we had a stopover at Stóra Dímun island. All of the other passengers except me disembarked there. Stóra Dímun is the smallest inhabited island in the Faroes where only one family of 7 members lives all year around. You can even book accomodation there but I guess it’s fully booked pretty soon every year. The island looked wonderful, like an oasis of calm in this crazy world so far away from civilisation. One day I want to go back and spend some nights there. Read more about Stóra Dímun here.

Stóra Dímun
Stóra Dímun
The island of Lítla Dímun – the smallest of main 18 Faroe Islands, the only inhabitants are sheep and birds

We landed in about 30 minutes after departure from Tórshavn. Now it was time to explore the village of Tvøroyri which was on the way to ferry terminal. The weather wasn’t the best, it was very windy and when it started to rain I took a shelter in a cute little Café MorMor. They had the best brownies I’ve ever tried! When it stopped raining I went out to finish my excursion of Tvøroyri. After some time the fog came and it started to rain (once again) soon after. At least the ferry terminal wasn’t that far away. The ferry to Tórshavn took 2 hours. It’s been a great little trip, especially the helicopter part, the views were breathaking and I’ve seen Stóra Dímun island up close so it’s been definitely worth it 🙂

The village of Tvøroyri

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