How I traveled three hours just to see the Atlantic ocean

I was in Morocco just for two days so I decided to stay one day in Marrakesh and take a trip to some other place the following day.  Moroccan travel agencies offer a great variety of one day trips from Marrakesh. I chose a trip to Essaouira. Essaouira, formerly known as Mogador, is an old town on the Atlantic coast. Atlantic ocean was the main reason why I had chosen to go there. Oceans/seas are a majestic force of nature and yet they are still capable to calm me down. I could spend hours watching them.

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The journey to Essaouira took roughly three hours. I was enjoying the views from the bus, especially over the Atlas mountains, so it didn’t seem to be a long journey at all. I was secretly hoping to see the famous tree goats of Morocco. And I indeed saw them! Another dream crossed off my list. If anyone is wondering what the goats are doing on those trees, they are eating the fruits of argan trees 🙂



How I got lost in Marrakesh

The unthinkable became reality and I got lost probably for the first time in my life. I mean really lost. That kind of lost where not even a map could help me. I had read about people getting lost in the streets of Marrakesh medina a lot before I went there. It’s practically impossible to find your way out from the labyrinth if you don’t know it there really well. Fortunately there is always someone to help you out but it won’t be for free.

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How I went to Morocco and hadn’t told anyone

Well, anyone except my four friends. But, please, do not take an example from me.

I had two extra days in Milan so I decided to find cheap flight tickets and visit some new place. Luckily for me I found rather cheap tickets to Marrakesh. Morocco and especially Marrakesh had always been on my to visit list. I went there only for two days but it was worth it and I know I would like to return there one day and explore more of that beautiful country.

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Menara airport in Marrakesh, one of the most beautiful airports I have ever seen