Once upon a time in Fairytale land

In my previous post I was talking about my fashion week trip to Milan. I had arrived to Milan two days before the fashion week started in order to visit the area. I had a whole day just for travelling so I decided to go to Switzerland. Mostly because it’s always been on my “to visit list”, bus tickets were just 8€ one way and I set a goal to visit 5 new countries in 2016 (which I managed btw). I chose Lugano as my destination and took the Flixbus to get there. The journey there was awesome, the bus had wifi on board and I was listening to Arcade Fire and Franz Ferdinand on their radio app or whatever it was. Shortly after I arrived to Lugano I got a very strangely written message from Flixbus telling me I had been withdrawn from my drive due to operational delay. Firstly I was rather angry but then I decided not to spoil my trip so I took a walk along the river to the city centre. When I arrived to the banks of Lake Lugano this beautiful view surprised me. It was quite foggy and it looked like straight out of some magical fairy tale.

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